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What is your message? With laser engraving almost any personalization can be done. Be sure and have a good look at our Lasering Gallery to see some samples of things we have already done.

Here is a quick guide to choosing personalization.


Using our available stock font selection, You can add text to your cribscape - on the board or even on the roof of the structure. Click here to download a pdf of our Stock Font Selections

Two Basic Sizes

1. 'BoardTextEngraving' Engrave a maximum 2.5'' x 1.5'' area with one of the available Standard Fonts. This could be on the board or the roof of the structure.
Order Now

2. 'BoxTextEngraving' Engrave a maximum 6'' x 1'' area with one of the available Standard Fonts. This is usually used for box engraving.
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3. Need a different size? Please call or email for a quotation.

Click Here to choose a Stock Font and Order Now

We have a small stock logo library available online. These can be lasered on a coaster, a set of coasters, or even the cover of a gift box.

Three Basic Sizes

1. 'Board' Small ~2'', fits on the surface of the cribscape.

2. 'Coaster' Medium ~3'' fits on coasters and. gift boxes

2(a). 'Coasters (Set of 4)' Medium ~3'' Just like it sounds, this is a special rate for lasering a set of 4 coasters with the same art.

3. 'Box' Large ~5'', Usually used for the outside of the Gift Box.

Click Here to choose a Stock Logo and Order Now

Maybe you have a company logo, or a railroad logo that we don't have? Perhaps a family crest that you'd like on your board? Almost anything can be engraved.

If the art is in vector format, like .eps, then costs will be similar based on size to our other engraving. If the art needs converting to .eps, then we may have to charge to cover the time the conversion takes.

If you would like to know what your artwork will take, please email the art to us, or use our Upload Utility to send it to us. Please make sure we have a good email address so we can contact you about your art.

Click Here to Order a Custom Logo Engraving

Custom Lasering

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