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Wood Types

We can use almost any material to make cribscapes. These are the woods we have chosen to offer a wide range of color, price and finish. Other materials can be had, by quotation. All are available with a standard seal coat or unfinished, in case you would like to try finishing yourself.

    Our Main Materials
Alder is known as the 'poor man's Cherry'. It is so close to cherry that it is often substitued in furniture applications.
    Other Hardwoods
  Red Oak
Red Oak is a popular and readily available oak family. It has a distinctive grain that anyone with oak furniture or trim in their homes will recognize immediately.
African Mahogany ranges from a pinkish hue to a darker brown. It has a shimmery grain that is immediately recognizble.
Cherry. Respected hardwood for almost any application. Pricey and beautiful.
Walnut has a chocolatey rich tone that accents and contrasts most any other wood finish. It is our favorite to work with as it carves beautifully.
    Other Materials
    Exotics & Your Own Wood
We will sometimes work with customer supplied material on a case by case basis. Contact us for details. Our selection of Exotics follows.
African Pardu has a bright Orange Red color throughout that becomes a deep rich Red when lacquered.
Purple Heart is exactly what you see - solid Purple. We have not been able to finish this wood without having the color shift darker towards brown, so for now, we will only sell boards made of PurpleHeart unfinished.
Zebrano or Zebra Wood has contrasting Dark and Light Tones throughout. It is the most expensive material we have worked with and makes a beautiful board. While Zebrano finishes well, it is another material we are often asked to ship unfinished. Because of the material cost Zebrano boards are special order only.
Bamboo is an amazing wood, and we were not sure if it would even make a cribbage board... But it makes a great one!. Because of the material cost Bamboo boards are special order only.
    More Information
    Lacquer Finish
If your board is finished we will use a Water Base lacquer to finish it. Lacquer finishing brings out the colors and depths in the wood, seals it and reduces the effect of warping. If you prefer finishing with standard lacquers or oil rubs, you will need to order an unfinished board and apply it yourself.
    Solid Wood or Laminated Wood
Sometimes when we can't get a particular wood wide enough to make a cribscape, we laminate sections together to make a big enough piece. This actually makes for a more solid board that is less prone to warping than a solid peice, as the peices warp at different rates and directions but can't move because of the glue joint(s). Hence the laminated wood moves less.

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