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This is the history of and some ideas of the process used in getting a stock cribscape designed. Sometimes it's nice to look back. If you are planning a custom cribscape, maybe you'll get some ideas here.

Original Concept File

Foam Core Mockup

Machine Cut MDF Mockup

MDF Hole Layout Mockup

  FIRST UP - CL-250, From the Mountains to the Coast.
The first design is always the most challenging. From a thought through concept sketches to actually making a model in foamcore. Then trying to have it made and not being able to find someone to do it. Finally buying some equipment and figuring it out for yourself.

Fortunately, we've been through those steps and are refining them. The Crib Railroad was our first thought, and shown here are some of the steps we went through.


Original Concept File

SketchUp Concept File

SketchUp Concept File

First Cut

  NEXT UP - CL-260, Lighthouse.
The second was a bit easier. Google's 'Sketch-Up program mocked up a 3D drawing fairly quickly from the illustrator file. Lots of practise on the machines has reduced programming times and run times as well.

This was an idea from our concept list (see below) that we thought on a bit more after having a cleint request a lighthouse cribscape.

    What's Next?
It's a bit hard to say. We've completed the Golf Course and The Football Stadium and Hockey Rink are nearly ready. We have lots of ideas and many have already gone beyond the 'idea' stage. If you see something you might like, give us a call and we'll see where it fits in the process. If you see something we should be turning into a cribscape, let us know.
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