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Custom Boards

Custom Cribbage board for Corporate Client shaped to compliment their logo.

The ultimate gift... A personal Cribscape. If you want to make a lasting impression, your custom Cribscape will be a useful, engaging gift that will leave people talking. They will be talking again and again each time they see it on the desk, on the wall or play a game on it over lunch break.

A custom cribscape can be a simple shape to follow a logo or theme, or a fully carved three dimensional landscape. We will entertain interesting designs as stock cribscapes.

We work with you to translate your subject into a Cribscape representation. You will find the cost of customizing a complete 3D Crib board much more cost effective if you order more than one. The themes are endless. What is your idea?

Custom Cribscapes: 2 ways to go:
Completely custom or using a standard 'shaped' cribbage track and then adding custom details.

Completely Custom
This option can have a fair amount of design cost associated with it and is generally something that is only done if you are wanting a quantity of boards 25, 50 or more.

Customized Track Shapes
We provide the layout and design of a basic shaped cribbage track, Rectangle, Oval, Round, etc. We design the drilling and laser patterns for the basic track. We will soon have a library of these for you to choose from - call to see what we have available today.

The customizing occurs in the size and choisce of materials, where the cribbage tracks are positioned and what features, shapes logos or custom 3D work are added to complete the project.

This choice is far more cost effective and will still provide you with a completely unique cribbage board.

Ready to start?
With only these two options there are an infinite number of possibilities, so get your logo, your graphic or your idea and give us a call or drop us an email and lets see if we can make it for you.

Still looking for ideas?

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